Certified Sugar Administration Specialist

Exam Refresh, New Version Launches on April 21st.

We have refreshed the Certified Sugar Administration Specialist exam and the new version of the exam will be available for registration starting April 21. The new exam code will be SCP-202 and will include slight modifications to the current exam's topics and objectives. One notable change is the addition of Advanced Workflow.
For 30 days, we will offer both versions of the exam for those who are currently preparing for the SCP-201. May 19th will be the last day we will offer the SCP-201 for registration, and thereafter will solely be offering the new SCP-202 exam.


Each exam attempt is priced from $ 225.00 USD per participant.
Payment and exam time registration is handled by our exam delivery partner, Kryterion. You will be taken to Kryterion for registration.

$ 225.00 USD

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Certified Sugar Administration Specialist

This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform administration and configuration of Sugar 7 to meet fundamental business requirements.

Exam Length

  • 90 minutes

Exam Details

  • 60 multiple choice questions (View Sample Questions)
  • Pass score: 62%
  • Pass/fail status available immediately
  • Fee: $225 USD
  • Exam Code: SCP-201
  • Valid for two years

Training Resources

To find more documentation resources, go to: http://support.sugarcrm.com

Exam Topics and Objectives

Refer to the exam topics and objectives as your guide to preparing for the exam.

System Configuration

  • Identify the process to upgrade Sugar
  • Describe basic troubleshooting tools
  • Identify the steps for configuring general system settings
  • Describe license management concepts
  • Identify how to brand your instance
  • Identify scheduler settings

E-mail Configuration

  • Describe how to configure your outbound e-mail settings
  • Describe how to configure group inbound e-mail accounts

User Configuration

  • Identify user management concepts
  • Identify password management concepts

Team and Role Security

  • Describe the team concept
  • Describe the role concept
  • Identify the differences between teams and roles

Developer Tools

  • Describe developer tools for module visibility in Sugar applications Identify how to edit layouts
  • Describe relationship types
  • Identify how to manage fields in a module
  • Describe how to manage dropdown lists
  • Describe how to manage custom modules
  • Describe workflow management concepts

Forecast Configuration

  • Identify how to configure the Forecasts module 


  • Describe import concepts
  • Identify export concepts

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