Certified Sugar Solution Architect Professional


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$ 225.00 USD

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Certified Sugar Solution Architect Professional

This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to design a CRM solution that meets the customer’s business requirements.

UPDATED! Although highly recommended, there is no longer pre-requisite certifications required to earn this credential. We strongly urge you to participate in Sugar Admin and Sugar Developer training courses as preparation on your journey to becoming a Certified Sugar Solution Architect Professional. Training can be found under Live Training or Self-Paced Learning sections of this website.

Exam Length

  • 90 minutes
Exam Details

  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Pass score: 64%
  • Pass/fail status available immediately
  • Fee: $225 USD
  • Exam Code: SCP-501
  • Valid for two years
Training Guides and Resources

To find more training resources please go to: http://support.sugarcrm.com

Exam Topics and Objectives

Refer to the exam topics and objectives as your guide to preparing for the exam.

CRM Project Fundamentals

  • Demonstrate knowledge of CRM business benefits
  • Describe a typical CRM implementation life cycle

Sugar Platform

  • Describe the Sugar application architecture
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the components that are critical for integration
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the components used to optimize the user experience
  • Describe data modeling capabilities in Sugar


  • Demonstrate knowledge how to design a production architecture based on business requirements


  • Demonstrate knowledge of applying patterns for integrating Sugar with Web service enabled applications
  • Describe integrating Sugar with common enterprise applications
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to apply the Sugar REST API
  • Describe how middleware can be used to connect Sugar to external systems
  • Describe patterns for integrating with legacy applications

Sugar Implementation

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to implement Sugar to satisfy customer requirements
  • Describe how to apply the Sugar extension framework
  • Describe the development methodology for Sugar

Quality Assurance

  • Describe the testing methodology for Sugar
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to optimize a Sugar deployment


  • Describe the components of a Sugar deployment
  • Describe the various configurations for deploying Sugar
  • Describe methods for migrating code changes from development through production
  • Demonstrate knowledge of solution sizing based on customer requirements


  • Describe how to handle common compliance policies
  • Describe how to customize the Sugar visibility model
  • Demonstrate knowledge of using Sugar authentication

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