Sugar Certification Program FAQ

Q: How do I register to get certified?
A: Go to  You will need to create an account and follow the home page instructions to get started.

Q: Can I take an exam online or do I need to be onsite in-person?
A: You can choose to take the exam online proctored or onsite proctored at any of the 700 testing sites worldwide. If you choose onsite proctoring, you will choose a location during the onsite proctoring registration process. Online proctoring requires use of an internal or external webcam.

Q: Is the program open to anyone who would like to get certified?
A: Yes, anyone can learn about Sugar and take our exams.

Q: If I get certified, then leave my company, does the certification stay with me or my previous company?
A: You've earned it, so you keep it!  We are certifying individuals, so wherever you go, your certification will stay with you.  

Q: How long are the certifications valid?
A: You will need to re-certify every 2 years.

Q: Why should I get certified?
A: There are many reasons to get certified such as building confidence, using certification as a training guide, qualify your knowledge as a Sugar professional, and increasing your competence in new areas.

Q: Do the questions pertain only to Sugar 7 material, or to Sugar 6 as well?
A: We wrote the questions with Sugar 7 in mind.  However, many questions also relate to Sugar 6 because of similar functionality or concepts.  It's recommended to brush up on Sugar 7 if you're still on Sugar 6.

Q: Can I register at any time, say the evening before the test?
A: When you register, you will be choosing a date/time to take your test.  If the schedule allows you to take the exam within 24 hours, it will show you those times.  It is common to register and find dates within a few days, if you can't find one within a few hours.

Q: When will I know if I passed?
A: You will get your score immediately at the end of your test.  The overall score will determine if you have passed.  Under the overall score, you will see a scorecard on how you performed in each section of the exam.  These scores are just for your own information so you can focus on challenge areas if necessary.  

Q: How much does it cost to take an exam?  And if I don't pass, can I retake it?
A: Exam fees are $225 per exam attempt.  Each time you register for an exam, the same fee will apply.  You are allowed to take the exam as many times as needed to pass.

Q: Do I pay “on-site”, or via an online transaction?
A: You will pay during the online registration process.  The system will reserve a date, time, and will authorize your payment details.  You will receive email confirmation once you complete the registration process.

Q: Is it required to pay before I attend the test, i.e. I will not be able to take the test if the fee is not paid?
A: Yes, your payment details (credit card) will be authorized during registration and is needed before taking an exam.

Q: I still have more questions.  Who should I contact?
A: Email us at with your questions.