Sugar Development - Essentials Plus+ (multi-day class)


This course explores the Sugar developer customization and implementation topics and related skills most relevant to Sugar Implementations. The Development Essentials Plus+ course builds upon your general knowledge of the Sugar development framework by introducing additional advanced techniques that can be applied to a range of common customization and implementation requests. The course also includes a workshop on the third day where you can submit a question or project you're working on that you need assitance with. Please be sure your submission isn't something confidential to your company, as it will be shared with the class.  

What you'll learn:

Day 1:
  • Course Overview
  • How to set up a development environment 
  • Review of the Developers Learning Pathway concepts 
  • Sidecar basics, Logic Hooks, Vardefs, etc
  • Understanding Sugar's Framework
  • Lab: SugarLogic
  • Lab: Dependencies
  • Lab: Custom ACLs

Day 2:

  • Lab: Sidecar - Working with SugarBean
  • Lab: Sidecar - Dynamic View
  • Lab: Sidecar - Custom View
  • Lab: Sidecar - Custom Dashlet 
  • Lab: Sidecar - External Data Consumption 

Day 3:

  • Lab: JS Groupings
  • Lab: JS Plugins
  • Workshop: Class Submissions 
  • Q&A


Duration: 3 days

Minutes Per Day: 480 minutes

Price: $ 900.00 USD


Completion of at least one of the following:

  • Sugar Developers Learning Pathway
  • 6 months or more of full-time SugarCRM professional development experience
  • Sugar Administration Specialist Certification recommended

Target Audience

Sugar Developers who are familiar with the Sugar architecture and data model and who understand how Sugar is customized using the Extension Framework, the Sidecar Framework, the REST API and the Developer Tools.

Setup Requirements

A laptop with Sugar 7.10 installed or capable of running a VM-hosted Sugar instance (minimum of 8GB RAM) on VirtualBox.

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