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If you're new to Sugar, this is a great place to start. Enhance your Sugar experience by enrolling in a learning pathway and get the most from your Sugar instance.
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Basic Sugar Orientation

This introductory course will get you started with the Sugar platform on a high level. This will provide you an overview of the Sugar solution, intro to Sugar modules, how to navigate and search, and working with records.

End Users

This learning pathway will get the everyday Sugar end-user started using the Sugar platform. Examples of what you'll learn include an intro to Sugar modules, how to navigate, working with activities, manage records, and importing data, reports, and more.

Other supported languages: Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Português | 广东话 | 普通話 | 日本語

Marketing Users

Built for the Marketing professional, this pathway will provide you with the skills needed to get the most out of the Sugar including specific marketing modules.

Managers / Sales Operations

If you are leading a team of Sugar users or responsible for sales operations, this is your pathway. Get started with Sugar and also get access to forecasting and team management training.


Your team depends on you to configure Sugar to meet your organization's business needs and setup requirements. This learning pathway will provide you with the introductory skills necessary Sugar Administration.

Other supported languages: Español


Get started as a Sugar Developer and learn how to implement Sugar platform customization requests through a variety of extension techniques and best practices.

Project Managers

The Project Manager learning pathway will acquaint you with the basics of Sugar's functionality, the core components of a new Sugar implementation project, and how to handle project governance.

Business Analysts

The Business Analyst learning pathway will acquaint you with the basics of Sugar’s functionality, extension capabilities, and administrative options.

Solution Architects

Get started and equipped with lessons learned from Sugar Solution Architects as they share platform knowledge and skills required to implement Sugar to meet customer requirements.

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